Crosswicks Cemetery
Crosswick Cemetery - Peacefull

The Crosswicks Cemetery

Welcome to the Crosswicks Cemetery located at #443 Crosswicks Hamilton Square Rd. in the area of “North” Crosswicks of Mercer County Hamilton Township New Jersey. A few miles off I-195 just six miles east of Trenton, 70 miles south of New York City and 45 miles north of Philadelphia via exit 7A of the New Jersey Turnpike.

The Crosswicks Cemetery is a non-sectarian cemetery and is situated on six acres in a rural, quiet and peaceful area. It is bordered on three sides by preserved farmland and wooded acres.

The Crosswicks Cemetery Association was established in 1874 to meet the needs of the community at the time. It operates today as it has since its beginning serving many local families of generations past, present and with planning to also meet future needs with the same caring interest it has in the past. The environment within the cemetery is one of natural beauty, simply arranged to provide an atmosphere for thoughtful reflection and contemplation as friends and family visit with their memories of loved ones.